Jay has been in the satellite industry for nearly a decade. Over the course of his career he has managed numerous top offices, and has been our top producing sales rep, and our top earner. Interestingly, Jay's career did not start off particularly strong. "To be honest, I wasn't a natural, in fact...I was initially a poor salesman, but I was commited to improving my skills" said Jay when reflecting on his career. The last job Jay had prior to DirecTV was pizza delivery. Despite his humble beginings, Jay has proven himself to be amongst the best in the industry. When asked what the most important quality with regard to motivation and financial success, Jay said "Discipline and persistence. It's funny, it's not that I'm the most motivated person in the company...I'm probably not, in fact I might be the LEAST motivated, it's just that I'm really good at doing a task even if I don't feel like it"